Career Track Coaching Minute – Adam Gold


Jim 0:10

All right. Welcome to Career Track Coaching Minute. My name is Jim Frisch, where we help young adults find meaningful careers through our coaching process. And once a month, we bring insight from highly successful business people. And we asked them a couple of questions. And I’m really excited for today because I have Adam Gold, who’s from Chicago, and he was one of our clients. And he landed his first job in New York. And Adam is an Account Coordinator in the Sports and Lifestyle division of Burke Communications, where he works with clients like Foot Locker and Foot Joy. Let’s define the media opportunities in the showcase of their brands on a high-end scale. So, Adam, it’s great to see you.


Adam 0:56

Great to be here. Thanks for having me, Jim.


Jim 0:58

And how’s New York treating you?


Adam 1:00

New York’s been great. It’s, it’s a little different from Chicago. But you know, it’s great to be out here, different vibes, different culture, and I love it.


Jim 1:09

Awesome. That is great. And so what I do is, you know, once a month, what we do is we ask a few questions. And so we’re gonna dig into it if it’s okay, so my first one is, you know, what advice? Would you give a graduate? Who, who is, you know, going to join the workforce?


Adam 1:28

Yeah, no, that’s a great question. I would say, like, my biggest advice, which I learned from you is, you know, to stay close with all your connections. You know, when I was senior year of college, you know, working through finding a job, I kind of tore my connections out. So you know, I checked in with my super tight connections, I had like every three to four weeks, just to always be in their inbox. Some of the more loose-end connections that I had, you know, that was more of an every two-month thing. And then some distant connections I had that was usually for the four or five months, I would always check in with them. Especially being in the work world. Now I know, it’s, you know, when someone comes into my inbox to reconnect and talk it out, it’s always a great sign, and they’re always fresh in my mind. So, you know, always being fresh in someone’s inbox. And being fresh in their mind is always a big, big thing to, you know, kind of do it, especially if you’re a senior in college.


Jim 2:22

Awesome. No, that’s, that’s great advice, you’re really good, about, you know, staying on top of your connections and reaching out. And then what was even better is, we were just talking about it before we came on, is how, you know, you helped others that are looking to network as well, you just actually help someone who just got landed a job and in New York, so you gave back and I appreciate that. So that was awesome. Yeah, so the other question then is, you know, based on, you know, starting your first job, if you don’t mind sharing his what’s a habit or two that’s really helped you, you know, start off on the best foot forward,


Adam 3:03

Yeah know, so I, you know, I started doing this junior year of college, the biggest investment habit that I kind of got myself into is just putting 30 minutes on my schedule every single day to expand my network. If you find a cool company on LinkedIn, or, or any other job boards, really, you click on it, and you see someone that has something mutual with you, whether that’s a school mutual connection, something like that, I would always just reach out to them. Worst case there is a new connection that you have. And maybe you don’t get that job, or maybe you don’t get to work at that company, but down the line, if their connection is connected with you, that can lead to more potential opportunities. So I would always say just put 30 minutes each and every day in your schedule, to kind of expand your network and see who’s out there in that industry that you want to be in.


Jim 3:50

Awesome. Now, that’s great advice. And it’s so the key thing with both of, you know, your answers is all about networking. And I think no matter what, even though you’re going to be applying to different opportunities, networking city, that’s what got you the job that you have today. And so I really appreciate your advice today. And hope you all the best out here in New York. I’ll be come back to Chicago soon and say hi. So I have a great one. And so I hope everyone got a little bit of advice and ideas from Adam. I appreciate it and have a good one.


Adam 4:29

Thanks, Jim. Really appreciate

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