Career Track Coaching Testimonials

We recently had our client’s parents provide testimonials on their experience. If you would ever want to speak to past clients to get a better understanding of our coaching process, please feel free to reach out anytime.

“Our son began his first job immediately upon graduating from Iowa State University. Almost immediately he knew the job was not a fit for his engineering career but stayed on for a year, eventually quitting with the intent of looking for a job full time. However he had no idea how to go about finding a job. We hired a career coach but after 6 months there was no progress towards employment. Then we turned to Jim. Jim’s approach helped our son define and articulate what type of work he wanted to do. Jim held our son accountable to do the organization, preparation, and follow up tasks necessary in a job search. Jim’s role playing helped our son gain confidence in his interviews so when he received a call from a desired prospective employer, he was ready in the moment to explain his background, his value, and confidently navigate all the employers questions. He was hired and we are greatly appreciative of Jim’s help and support!”

“My son was a recent college graduate who didn’t have a clear career path and had no idea how to begin to search for his first job.  As a parent, my discussions with my him regarding potential employment often ended in frustration with little progress.  We were thankfully introduced to Jodi and she immediately laid out an organized framework for him to follow.  Jodi initially suggested a diagnostic exercise to determine his strengths, skills and interests.  She then provided expert guidance for all aspects of the job search: developing a compelling resume; effectively utilizing social media to find job leads and potential connections; prepping for interviews and how to thoughtfully follow-up with potential employers.  Throughout the process, he gained confidence and learned how to market himself.  He is now happily employed at a firm which is a great culture fit for his personality and skill set.  This never would have happened without Jodi’s expert career guidance.  I highly recommend working with her.

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