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Dealing with Radio Silence After an Interview

It can be a terrible feeling to not hear back after an interview. The recruiter said you would hear back by Friday, and you didn’t. I want you to know that doesn’t always mean you are being rejected. There are many factors that come into play.

  • The hiring team can’t get together to discuss you and other candidates
  • The hiring manager is on vacation
  • The role is changing from what was posted

Ask the recruiter:

  • When the hiring manager will be reviewing candidates
  • If they know when they will be making the decision

Sending emails every 2 weeks until you hear back is fine, do not call the recruiter. Persistence is good, but there is a fine line between being polite and being a pest. 

Pat yourself on the back for even getting an interview, that is tough to do. Try to look at every experience as an opportunity to improve your interview skills and broaden your network. Timing is everything, and even if there is not a role now, there could be in a month or a year.

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