Fall 2021 Career Fairs are a MUST!

All of us are asking, will it be in person or will be it virtual? This is still up in the air. Either way, students should attend. Students must be prepared!

Here are some tips to help:

Update your resume-Did you have an internship this summer? Make sure to update your resume with your new experience, skills gained, etc. You resume should not be more than one page. Include your skills, work experience and leadership or volunteer experience.

**Bonus tip: Make sure you’ve connected with everyone you worked with on LinkedIn this summer. LinkedIn is going to be your greatest tool for networking.

Research in advance-After you see what companies are coming on Handshake, spend some time on their website learning about the company, the industry, products, values, etc. Spend some time on LinkedIn to see if you have any connections at that company to see if you can learn more about what the company looks for in a prospective employee.

**Bonus tip: if you can find the names of the recruiters/representatives coming to campus, reach out to them on LinkedIn and write them a note to let them know you are excited to meet them.

Prepare your elevator pitch-What type of position are you looking for? You need to be able to articulate this clearly and concisely.

Follow up with prospective employers-Make sure to have the contact information of the recruiter or company representative. Absolutely follow up by email or LinkedIn with a note to express interest and ask any follow up questions. This one is key to stand out from the crowd.

**Bonus tip: if you were not able to find out a contact person at the company, reach out to the career center representative and ask them if they can provide it. Career center representatives are the liaisons with campus recruiters, they can help.

If you are concerned your students are not prepared for their job search, we can support them in the career search process. We offer resources, accountability, coaching and positive encouragement. We help you preserve your relationship with your student during this stressful time.  

We are here to help!

Fall 2021 Career Fairs

University of Wisconsin

September 17: Engineering Career Fair https://ecs.wisc.edu/students/career-fairs/

September 28: https://careerfair.wisc.edu/upcoming-fairs/ 

Indiana University

September 14: Kelley School of Business https://careers.kelley.iu.edu/events/2021/09/14/kelley-professional-services-career-fair-virtual/

September 20: https://careers.publichealth.iu.edu/events/2021/09/20/iu-college-of-arts-sciences-fall-career-internship-fair-virtual/

September 23: Luddy School of Informatics, Computing & Engineering https://luddy.indiana.edu/career-services/hire-our-students/career-fair.html 

University of Texas at Austin https://careerengagement.utexas.edu/employers/career-fair-events-calendar/

September 8 & 9: Fall Engineering Expo

September 14: McCombs Career Expo

October 6: Fall 2021 College of Liberal Arts Job & Internship Fair

Tulane University

September 29: https://freeman.tulane.edu/events/fall-virtual-career-fair 

October 9: https://hiretulane.tulane.edu/network/fairs-and-events/fall-career-graduate-school-fair  Virtual

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign https://calendars.illinois.edu/list/1551

September 8: Grainger Engineering Career Fair- Full Time

September 10 & 14: Gies College of Business Career Fair

September 15: Grainger Engineering Career Fair- Internships

September 23: ACES+LAS Career Fair 2021

Ohio State University https://careers.osu.edu/events-and-programs/fall-career-and-internship-fair

September 22: Career and Internship Fair

University of Michigan https://careercenter.umich.edu/content/career-center-fairs

September 13, 14 & 15: Fall Engineering Virtual Career Fair https://career.engin.umich.edu/events/career-fairs/#fallcareerfair

September 9: Consulting & Finance Career Fair 

September 23: Actuarial Career Expo
October 1, 8 & 13:
Fall Job & Internship Fair

Miami of Ohio https://www.miamioh.edu/emss/offices/career-center/prepare/programs-events/career-fairs/fcif-in-person-f21/index.html

September 21: All Majors Fall Career & Internship Fair-in person for sophomores and above

September 29:  Virtual Fall Career & Internship Fair

University of Iowa https://careers.uiowa.edu/fall-job-internship-fair

September 23: Career Fair

University of Missouri https://hiremizzoutigers.com/career-fairs/

September 8: Mizzou Engineering Career Fair (in person)

September 14: Missou Engineering Career Fair (virtual)

September 30: Business Career Fair (in person)

October 20: Missou-wide Career Fair (virtual)

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