Hannah gets accepted to Radiology school

Who: Hannah

Challenge: Hannah graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She decided to apply to residency programs specializing in radiology. Since she was applying to several programs, interviewing was part of the acceptance process, and needed help with her interviewing skills.

Next Steps: Jim worked with Hannah on multiple sessions to help her prepare for her upcoming interviews.

We coached Hannah on the following:

  • Updated/Revised Hannah’s resume to better articulate her tenure work experience including her capabilities and skills
  • Articulate Hannah’s strengths and the stories behind each one she could use in an interview
  • Reviewed typical Medical School questions and discussed how to answer behavioral-based interviewing questions
  • After Hannah answered the potential interview questions, we reviewed each one in detail
  • Help create a Medical Interview template she could prepare for all interviews moving forward
  • Practiced interview questions and responses to help Hannah differentiate herself from other candidates- It was several years since her last interview

Outcome: Hannah was well prepared for each of her interviews and we debriefed after each one to continue to help her improve. Hannah recently got accepted to one of her top 2 choices.

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