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How to handle Job Search Anxiety!

In the past year, some of our clients have asked us how to handle job search anxiety

No matter your job search scenario, you can overcome job search anxiety and find your path to success by following a few suggestions.

  1. Maintain Your Perspective….you need to know there will be ups and downs
  2. Speak to your peers that have gone through this process in the past to get a better understanding of what to expect

·         Ask them how they handled the challenges of their search

  1. Make a Plan…. Set up a daily routine you can stick with- this includes exercise, fun, and your career search
  2. Develop your accountability metrics

1.     # of hours you work on your career search each day

2.     # of people to network with each week

3.     # of job applications you will commit to apply to

  1. Be strategic on the type of job you want to apply to- do you know anyone you can reach out to learn more about the industry
  2. Focus on what you can control which is your activity and positive mind set
  3. Set-up a mini peer group to discuss the positives and your challenges
  4. Remind Yourself It’s a Process. …
  5. Savor Your Wins- keep a journal to learn from every situation

If you’re treating your job search like a full time job and putting in the time on the right activities, your anxiety will go down and success will follow.

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