John landed a job with an environmental engineering firm in the Chicagoland area

Who:  John graduated from University of Illinois in 2019 with a degree in Environmental Engineering.

Challenge: John had a job right out of college that wasn’t a good fit due to the organization’s culture. He had been looking for a new job for several months without any luck.

Next Steps: We coached John on the following:

We first went through an exercise to determine if he was articulating his strengths well during an interview.

John fine-tuned his 30 second commercial to help him network with family, friends, professors and alumni.

Built a networking database which included U of I alumni and role-played conversations with alumni, professors and professionals seeking their advice with his career search.

Practiced interview questions and responses to help John feel more confident in an interview. We even had the opportunity to record an interview to determine areas to improve upon.

Once he knew the types of companies and roles he was interested in, the key to his success was the following:

# of hours he worked on his career search- grit

# of people he reached out to each day to network

# of applications filled out each day

Outcome: By networking, John was able to land a job in April at an environmental engineering firm in the Chicagoland area.

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