Jon landed a job with a consulting firm as a Technical Analyst in the Chicagoland area

Who:  Jon graduated from University of Wisconsin with a computer science degree in December 2020.

Challenge: Due to the pandemic, Jon was concerned about his future job opportunities in his field of interest. During last summer, his planned technology internship was cancelled and he ended up working a few part-time retail jobs to earn money.

Next Steps: We coached Jon on the following:

Developed a virtual  career fair strategy which included pre-planning, role-playing and follow-up conversations .

Revised Jon’s  resume to better articulate his past 3 years of work experience including his skills and strengths .

Taught Jon how to use  LinkedIn to connect with alumni and how to find jobs which would be a good fit based on his strengths .

Built a  networking database which included Badger alumni and  role-played conversations with alumni seeking their advice with his career search .

Developed a  networking strategy which included the following:

Contact strategy

  • Which companies to target and how to research them
  • How to network into his companies of interest
  • Role Playing networking conversations
  • Follow-up


Practiced  interview questions and responses to help Jon differentiate himself from other candidates.

Outcome: By networking, Jon was able to set up multiple interviews for a variety of different positions in the field. Jon received multiple job offers he was happy with in the field. He landed a job as a Technical Analyst at a digital consulting firm in January 2021.

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