Josh landed a job with wealth management firm in the Chicagoland area

Who:  Josh graduated 3 years ago from Indiana University and landed a job as a registered Client Associate position with large investment firm. 

Challenge: Josh wanted to pivot and work for a small to medium sized organization where he could make an impact utilizing his strengths and skills he learned in his first job.  

Next Steps: We coached Josh on the following:

Revised Josh’s resume to better articulate his past 3 years work experience including his skills and strengths.

Taught Josh how to use LinkedIn to connect with alumni and how to find jobs which would be a good fit based on his strengths.

Built a networking database which included IU alumni in Chicago and role-played conversations with alumni seeking their advice with his career search.

Developed a networking strategy which included the following:

Contact strategy

  • Which companies to target and how to research them
  • How to network into his companies of interest
  • Role Playing networking conversations
  • Follow-up

Practiced interview questions and responses to help Josh differentiate himself from other candidates.

Outcome: Josh identified 10 companies that would be a good fit. He went on several job interviews and received 3 offers. He landed on a Chicagoland wealth management firm as a Sr. Client Services Associate. His goal is to be a financial planner after passing a few of the necessary certifications.

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