Millennials: Are you making these interview mistakes?

Anyone can have a hard time learning how to interview. It’s a skill like any other that requires preparation, practice, and patience. Believe it or not, it is even harder for millennials who have not had professional situations.

Here are some common mistakes millennials make—and how to avoid them.

1. Focus on me, me, me

Don’t misinterpret the “tell me about yourself” question, you should not rattle on about everything you have done in your life and all of your dreams. Keep it professional and relevant to the positions for which you are interviewing.

2. Underselling yourself

You might naturally be hesitant to talk about your strengths and skills, but an interview is the time to humble brag. You should not view it as arrogance, but rather selling yourself. Strike a good balance between confidence and egotism.

3. Asking too many questions about culture.

Don’t ask a question that you can find the answer to on the company website. Ask questions about the business climate, the goals of the company. One culture question is fine.

4. Reciting your resume.

Your interviewer has your resume in front of them. They want to know about the high level and what you gained from your past experiences. You do not need to talk about every experience on and off your resume.

5. Overusing “I.”

You couldn’t have done everything yourself. You had to have worked with a team, and if you haven’t you will have difficulty doing it in a job. While you should talk about what “you” did, make sure to give credit to team members and use “we” when it applies.

5. Thinking you have to know the answer to every question.

Interviewers don’t expect you to know the answer to everything. If you don’t know the answer, don’t lie. Explain how you would go about finding the answer. They can be just as powerful in showing your resourcefulness.

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