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Question: Should I stay at my current position or look for a new opportunity?

Listed below are Questions I would ask yourself. I would suggest finding a mentor to sit down with to further discuss your answers.

  • Do I want to do this for the next five years—or does the thought of that make me panic/bummed out?
  • Am I running away from a job I don’t like or running toward something(new opportunity)?
  • When I look at the opportunities ahead of me at my job, am I excited—or do I feel stressed, anxious, or bored?
  • Are there other roles, opportunities, projects, or clients I could work on at my current job that are interesting to me—or not?
  • Am I still excited about my work—or am I holding onto this job because it’s what I’m used to, because it’s what I thought I wanted to do, or because I’m afraid to make a change?
  • Does this job make use of my best skills—or am I feeling frustrated that my abilities aren’t being put to good use?
  • Does my current employer value growth, learning, and new opportunities for employees—or would I have more support elsewhere?
  • Is my work still aligned with my values, interests, and goals—or have my needs changed over the years?
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