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Question: What are Signs It’s Time for A Job Change?

Sign #1: You’re apathetic and complacent. …

Sign #2: You don’t feel like you’re making an impact anymore

Sign #3: You dread going to work. …

Sign #4: Even your salary can’t make up for your dissatisfaction. …

Sign #5: Your job is affecting your personal life.

Sign #6: You are not following your passion

Sign #7: There are no opportunities for growth

Sign #8: You can’t picture yourself there long term

Sign #9: You wouldn’t want your friends to work there

Sign #10: There are substantially better opportunities available at another organization.

Sign #11: You need more work-life balance

Sign #12: Your values are not aligned with those of the organization

The question now is what is next? This could be a great opportunity for you. Do you stay in the same field or pivot to a new career? Your career is a journey and you need to reassess.

During our next blog, we will address how to approach what is next for you.

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