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Six Tips to help you nail your next interview

There’s truly nothing more rewarding than getting a response from an application you sent in for your dream job asking you to hop on a Zoom meeting/call for an interview. Not only did all your hard work—editing your resume, writing a cover letter, putting together writing samples, and filling out endless forms—pay off, but you’re finally going to meet the person (or people) hiring for your role.

Before you get excited, we’ve compiled Zoom/interview tips you could use to make it a successful one.

1.         Get Clear on the Details of the next step

  • Who will I be interviewing with?
  • Zoom versus phone call- this is key

2.         Do Your Research

  • Look up your interviewers on LinkedIn
  • Do you know anyone at the company to find out some details on the interviewing process and potential questions?
  • Investigate the company’s priorities on their website

3.         Preparation

  • Practice Your Answers- review the job description thoroughly and focus on providing detailed examples of your experience for each skill required
  • Prepare Your Salary Number- think about a range based on research on Glassdoor and other sites
  • Create an interview template you can use for all future interviews- include the following:
  • Investigate the person you are interviewing- LinkedIn Profile
  • Your 30 second commercial
  • Job Descriptions
  • Strengths
  • Questions to ask section at the end of the interview
  • Dress the Part in case you are on a Zoom
  • Practice small talk – think about how to start the conversation
  • Make Sure There’s Excitement in Your Voice
  • Talk Slowly

4. Take Notes- it shows you care and are listening in an interview

5. Send a Thank You Note

6. Next steps- ask what the next steps in the interviewing process are and if it’s ok to check back in by a specific date

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