Starting 2021 off right-now is the best time to start your job search

Ever wonder when is the best time of year to look for a job? It’s January and February. While job hunting is a never-ending process, you should double down on your search efforts now.

Why? New budgets are approved, and most employees are back from vacation meaning, you should capitalize on this.  This is the time of year when the greatest number of decision-makers are in the office together, so you can get approval much quicker.

To help you get a jumpstart on your job search in the new year, here are  things you can do that will help you prepare for the new year:

  • Build your brand

All recruiters are searching on LinkedIn for candidates. Make sure your online presence is professional and projects you as a great candidate

  • Master your elevator pitch

What type of job are you looking for? What type of company to do you want to work for? Why are you looking? These are some of the questions you need to be prepared to answer.

  • Join a club or professional association

2 reasons:

  • Most jobs will be found through networking. Meet professionals in your industry who might be aware of opportunities.
  • Raises your credibility and can give you access to resources to continue to grow your knowledge
  • Reconnect with former coworkers, specifically references

Let your network know you are looking for new opportunities. They might be aware of some or can connect you with someone else. You also want to give your  references advance notice should they be called as a reference by a potential employer.

  • Have your resume ready

You should always have your resume up to date. You never know when someone might call you with an opportunity. You can always make tweaks later with new achievements.

Be prepared for your job search going into 2021. You never know when you’ll hear about the perfect opportunity.  

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