Success Story: Carly graduated in May 2022

A Positive Mindset Pays Off

Who: Carly graduated in May 2022 and found her first job working in the Recruiting industry. Unfortunately, after just 5 months, due to the economy, she was laid off along with several of her colleagues.


Challenge: Carly was shocked by the whole situation and didn’t know what to do. How do I move on from this feeling of giving it my all and the stigma of being let go from an organization? She needed to see if this was the right role for her and figure out a way to stay positive.


What we did: We coached Carly on the following:
  • We worked one-on-one with Carly to assess her strengths and determine what would be a good career path based on her experience, strengths, and courses. We explored her true passions and realized learning and development were areas she wanted to focus on.
  • By identifying her strengths and possible career paths, we helped her narrow down the possibilities. It was just as important to determine what she didn’t like in her first job opportunity.
  • We developed her 30-second commercial and the story of her past experience- where she wanted to focus.
  • Networking– We focused on setting up networking conversations to fast track her opportunities. We role-played the dialogue and what to ask for as a next step.
  • Carly applied to multiple learning and development jobs and reached out to someone at each company, whether an alumnus, family connection, or LinkedIn connection, etc.
  • We also practiced interview questions and responses with Carly and researched each of the companies she was interested in. In addition, we prepared answers to any possible questions that could be asked.
Outcome: Although Carly’s activity started out slow, she had multiple opportunities in the end, and landed a job that will assist her on the career path of learning and development.
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