Success Story- Megan landed an internship with a sports analytics company for the summer of 2021

Who:  Megan is currently a Junior in the college of business at Illinois State University(ISU)

Challenge: Megan wanted to figure out this year where to focus her future career search and potentially land an internship this summer to develop some real life business skills

Next Steps: We coached Megan on the following:

We first went through an exercise to determine what she liked and determined her strengths and interests

We helped Megan come to her own conclusion on the types of roles she would be interested in pursuing

Developed a 30 second commercial to help her network with family, friends, professors and alumni

Revised Megan’s resume/cover letter/LinkedIn to better articulate her desire for a summer internship

Built a networking database which included ISU alumni and role-played conversations with alumni, professors and professionals seeking their advice with her career search .

Developed a networking strategy which included the following:

Contact strategy:

·         Which companies to target and how to research them

·         How to network into her companies of interest

·         Role Playing networking conversations

·         Follow-up

Practiced interview questions and responses to help Megan feel more confident in an interview.

Outcome: By networking, Megan was able to land an internship with a sports analytics company for the summer of 2021.

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