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Success Story: Sarah landed her second internship with NBC Universal.

Who:  Sarah is a junior at Hofstra University. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in creative writing. She is looking for production internships with a television network to gain more experience.  

Challenge: Sarah has had some good internships already. She is extremely involved on campus as a member of a communications fraternity and holds an anchor role on the student run television network.

Next Steps: We coached Spencer on the following:

  • Updated Sarah’s resume to reflect the depth of responsibilities in her past internships and campus involvement.
  • Assisted in building Sarah’s portfolio which included articles written for campus organizations, clips from the television run network and other post experiences.
  • Applied to multiple internships with local and national television stations.
  • Prepared Sarah for video interviews and live interviews, formulating responses for any type of interview questions that could be asked.
  • Drafted template emails for thank you notes, and any communications needed to follow up on interviews.

Outcome: Sarah received 2 video interviews with NBC Universal shows, and landed an internship at her dream show, the Today show! Whoo-hoo!

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