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Success Story: Spencer landed not only one consulting position, but two offers upon graduation in 2022

Who:  Spencer is currently a senior at Syracuse University. He is majoring in psychology and he’ll earn minor in political science. He graduates in May 2022.

Challenge: Spencer did not know what type of career he wanted to pursue upon graduation. He has some good internships and gained some valuable experience but didn’t know what direction to take.

Next Steps: We coached Spencer on the following:

  • Assessed his strengths to determine what would be a good career path based on his experience, strengths, and courses. He planned to pursue graduate school at some point but was not sure which type of masters.
  • By identifying his strengths and possible career paths, it helped narrow down the possibilities
  • Spencer decided to pursue consulting. We compiled a list of possible companies to pursue and made a list of contacts to connect with for networking conversations.
  • Applied to multiple consulting jobs and did outreach to someone at each company, whether an alumnus, family connection, second connection, etc.
  • Practiced interview questions and responses, researched the companies and prepared answers to any possible questions that could be asked.

Outcome: Spencer had interviews with 6+ consulting firms. He landed 2 offers, one with one of the big four firms, and the other with an information services company.

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