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Success Story: Steve pivots from working in the printing industry for over 25 years

Challenge: Steve started his own printing business back in the late 90’s and recently sold it to a private equity company. After helping them transition the business, he decided to change careers as he winds down working full time.

Next Steps: Steve wanted to utilize his selling and relationship building skills to work for a company where he could thrive based on his past experience.

We coached Steve on the following:

  • Updated/Revised Steve’s resume to better articulate his tenure work experience including his skills and strengths
  • Articulate Steve’s strengths and the stories behind each one he could use in an interview
  • Helped Steve come to his own conclusion on the types of roles he would be interested in moving forward
  • Developed his networking database which included family, friends and business relationships
  • Help create an Interview template he could prepare on all interviews moving forward
  • Sharpened his interviewing skills:
  • Practiced interview questions and responses to help Steve differentiate himself from other candidates- It was several years since his last interview

Outcome: Steve landed a consultant job in 3 months with a national retailer where he could utilize his past skills and add value to the organization.

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