Virtual Networking Tips

It’s hard enough to network in person, but how can you be successful at it with only the virtual environment?

Are you an introvert? Do you hate asking for help? Do you feel like you are bothering someone?

These are the common objections when we talk with our clients about the value of networking. It is BEST way to find a job. Did you know almost 80% of jobs are filled before they are posted. This happens because of connections. Having a network and staying connected will ensure you are on the list for consideration for a role.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Join professional Slack groups and communities-there are free communities. The best ways to benefit from a massive Slack community is finding job postings in the job board, sharing work opportunities and connecting with professionals in Slack channels that pertain to a certain industry.
  2. Attend online events-if there is an opportunity to join a breakout room, do! The smaller groups allow you to make more meaningful connections.
  3. Use all of your social media channels (if they don’t have any inappropriate posts)-Don’t just think LinkedIn or Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great ways to network, and also find job openings advertised. I just learned about Instagram Live where there are opportunities to connect with professionals. Check out Fishbowl too-there are all kinds of bowls for job searchers.
  4. Alumni Strategy-use LinkedIn to find alumni working at companies with openings. Send a LinkedIn connect with a personal note. Most of them will pay it forward.
  5. Attend virtual career fairs-even if you don’t get time with an employer, make sure to get the names of the professionals to reach out to after the event.
  6. Explore online other networking sites:,, and more.

Most importantly you need to step out of your comfort zone and use your current connections and make new ones.

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