What is your best job search tool?

Networking! If you pride yourself on being independent, you might think you don’t need a network to be successful, but you do. Meaningful connections are crucial to achieving success-it takes a village. If you don’t like networking, try to reframe your mindset.

Here are 4 strategies to turn networking in to something you could enjoy.

  1. Understand what networking is — and isn’t

It’s not connecting on LinkedIn and asking for something. Build relationships over time so that when you do need something, you have built credibility to ask for it.

  • Identify people you truly respect

Did you hear a speaker you enjoyed? Connect and thank them for the time and tell them what interested you about the topic. Network with professors, neighbors, fellow club members, alumni and more.

  • Recognize how a lack of networking may be holding you back

80% of jobs are found through networking. If you don’t have connections, how are you going to find out about opportunities?

  • Identify your vehicle for networking

LinkedIn is your best tool in this virtual world. Remember LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Meetups and more.

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