What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

A common question you will get in most interviews. No one wants to focus on their weaknesses, so you need to be prepared to answer this question with a believable and authentic answer. This might feel like a trap, but it’s for an interview to see if you are self-aware and also self-motivated enough to change it.

This question can be an opportunity to highlight something you have overcome. We all have weaknesses; we are human, and it is ok to show this side of yourself.

Here are some common weaknesses interviews use when answering this question:

  1. Instead of “I’m a perfectionist,” Say…

“Sometimes I focus too much in the little details which can distract me from the goal.”

Present the symptoms, not just the affliction. Then present the way you have turned this around and been able to stay focused.

2. Instead of “I have very high standards,” Say…

“It can be difficult for me to gauge when the people I’m working with are overwhelmed or dissatisfied with their workloads.”

If you say you expect too much from yourself and your team, this can be viewed negatively by your interviewer. Explain how you’ve learned to delegate tasks and you have regular check-ins with your team. Show that you trust them, and you are there to support them, not micromanage.

3. Instead of “I’m a workaholic,” Say…

“I have worked on working more productively and using my time better.” There are times when you’ve had to work those 16-hour days, but you have developed a system to work more efficiently and this has resulted in higher quality work.

4. Instead of “Speaking in public,” Say…

Public speaking has been a more common answer, but every job requires it, so make sure you talk about what you’ve done to become better. Have you joined a Toastmasters club? Have you challenged yourself somehow?

The best way to respond to this question is to be genuine, practice and share how you have overcome a challenge.

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