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What to say in an interview to show you are a leader

When you are interviewing for a job, it’s not just about the job. Companies want to hire individuals who take initiative and who are interested in growing. Even if the job you are interviewing for is not a leadership role, you can still be a leader and you should weave it into your interview responses. 

It was hard enough to get in the door to get an interview. Differentiate yourself by asking questions that show you are a natural leader.

Try some of these out:

1. What does success look like in this position, and how do you measure it? What are the metrics my performance will be evaluated against?
This shows you are interested in being successful and care about your performance.

2. What are the biggest challenges the team is facing currently, and what are the most significant growth opportunities?
This gives you the opportunity to share any situations you’ve experienced and how you addressed them.

3. I read that X, Y and Z are the company’s values. Can you give me an example of what these values look like in action?”
This shows you did your research and that these values are important to you which supports your cultural fit.

4. This is what I’m looking for in my next role.
Showing you have a direction is actually a good thing. It also helps you prove you would be a good fit for the role, as it is what you are looking for.

5. Is there anything about my background or resume that makes you question whether I am a good fit for this role?
This gives you are the opportunity to address any concerns the recruiter has and when possible, state something to quash any worries that you would not be a fit for the role.

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