Your Adult Child is unemployed – tips for the best way to help them out

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely given your children the confidence to make their way in the world. But what should you do to offer comfort if your recent graduate can’t find a job or your not-so-recent grad just lost one?

First, Do No Harm

Well-meaning parents, unfortunately, may inadvertently make the situation worse by saying or doing the wrong things.

Let’s start with what not to do.

Don’t ask more than once a week how the job search is going. 

Don’t constantly fret over how your son or daughter is going to pay his rent or monthly bills.

Don’t offer to connect your child with business contacts who aren’t relevant to his or her career goals.

Don’t encourage your child to get a graduate degree just to avoid being idle

6 Ways to Be Helpful

Now here’s what you should do to comfort your unemployed adult child (and maybe yourself as well):

1. Treat your kid as an adult, capable of making informed decisions.

2. Ask if your child would like help before offering it..

3. Be sensitive to your child’s need to feel independent.

4. Listen more, talk less.

5. Encourage your child to do things that reinforce his self-esteem and make him feel productive.

6. Adapt your comforting techniques.

This article was written 7 years ago and it’s appropriate based on the number of recent graduates and unemployed young adults living at home with their parents due to the pandemic.

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