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  • Jim has played a significant role in launching my son’s career through his mentoring program. Enlisting Jim’s expertise was the best move I could have ever made. My son had recently graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Economics, but despite having an outstanding degree, along with a strong work ethic, frankly had no idea how to network or effectively search for a job. When I first met Jim several years ago, he had mentioned his forte was mentoring students who needed assistance in planning their future. Consequently, during the summer of 2017 when my son revealed he was having no luck connecting with anyone who could help him land a job, I reached out to Jim.

    Jim suggested a meeting with my son to “diagnose” how he could best help him.  Jim’s easygoing personality, passionate approach, and a structured process was exactly what my son needed.  He became extremely fond of Jim, and completely put his trust in the approach.  As a Dad, it can be difficult to “allow“ someone else to counsel his own son, but in this case, I felt totally comfortable with Jim.  He is an exceptional communicator and had my son’s best interest at heart.  Jim did a phenomenal job of guiding my son, diligently following up with him, meeting with him regularly, building both his network and interviewing skills and providing a solid platform for my son to succeed in his job search.

    I have been a practicing CPA for over 30 years, and have built relationships, procured new business, and mentored clients for as long as I can remember, but have never encountered someone as astute, and comfortable with their approach as I did with Jim. He is truly a wonderful person, who really cares about the success of his students / clients.

    Lee S, ParentThe College Education System combined with University Career Centers, internships, work experience and new skills in a specific major does not guarantee a recent college graduate a job. As a parent of a recent college graduate you want to make sure your child finds the right job in a field they are passionate about combined with utilizing their newly learned skills from their education.

    What do you do if your child does not have a job lined up after college graduation? The process of searching for a job can be frustrating and overwhelming.

    Jim Frisch is a wonderful Career Coach who was instrumental in helping my son bridge the gap from graduating college to seeking a job and building a career. Through Jim’s guidance my son gained confidence and was put on the right path to help him reach his goals. Jim has fulfilled his promise preparing my son to get employment offering him guidance and helping him set goals putting him in the right direction by educating him on the tools needed to get interviews.

    The Career Coach process helped put my son on the right path with a well-structured resume and cover letter combining the keywords needed to get employers attention leading to more opportunities and interviews. Jim’s system helped my son get organized and target the skills needed for the interview process. The use of social media, networking, cold calling potential employers for jobs opened up new job opportunities.

    The process of identifying my son’s strengths, skills and qualifications provided my son the confidence to market himself to future employers. This was key in helping my son get a job in his field of interest meeting his goals.

    I highly recommend Jim as a Career Coach to help guide, develop and teach the needed skills to help start a career.

    Rob W, Parent

  • Career Track Coaching has been so helpful to my daughter. They helped her understand just how many valuable skills and relevant experience she actually has and now her resume looks so impressive! Jodi has been a great coach, always available to answer my daughter’s questions.

    Jackie M, Parent

  • I was referred to Jim Frisch from a friend when my son, a December, 2017 graduate from the University of Missouri was looking for a job. My son was having no issues with getting interviews, but was having trouble landing a position after numerous second interviews. We thought there might be issues with his interviewing style, and utilizing a service like Jim’s might help to identify those problems. He met with Jim a few times, personally and on the phone. Jim was able to identify the issues, and provided the strategies and tools to overcome them. His next interview resulted in a job offer. A few months later, he began a new search for a position that more closely aligned with his ultimate job goal. Once again, he reached out to Jim, who helped him prepare for these interviews. As a result of Jim’s guidance and pre-interview preparation, he landed the job of his dreams. He has been there six months and is doing exceptionally well. What is especially nice, is that Jim has continued to check in with him to make sure all is still going well. We highly recommend Jim!

    Nancy S, Parent

    Working with Jodi made all the difference for our 23-year-old daughter’s job search. From greatly improving her resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to connecting her with hiring managers and coaching her on interviewing, Jodi is the go-to professional for every young job seeker.Jill K, ParenJodi has worked with our 2 college kids and she has been amazing!! She has helped them with trying to figure out a career path and creating/building their resumes. Jodi is very knowledgeable, dedicated, caring and always puts 100% into everything she does!! Jodi is the best!!

    Wendy G, ParentJodi has been an invaluable source of advice and guidance for my girls. She has helped them in all aspects of their internship/career search. She assisted with identifying their strengths and determining the right career path, along with creating a resume, LinkedIn profile, and even taught them how to network and prepare for interviews. Jodi is amazing to work with and extremely passionate about what she does.Beth P, ParentI have used Jodi multiple times to help my kids with their resumes, LinkedIn and interview skills. She has been so helpful and has gone above and beyond with her knowledge and expertise!! My son now has a job in his career path and my daughter got the internship she desired as well all thanks to Jodi!!!

    Pam L, Parent

  • As a seasoned HR professional, Jodi understands what employers are looking for when reviewing the internship and job applications of college students. She was extremely helpful in guiding our daughter through the process of developing a compelling resume and LinkedIn page, as well as assisting her to prepare for interviews with prospective employers.

  • Steve K, Parent


  • Jim’s professionalism and knowledge of the current job market is second-to-none. He was able to help me progress from a shy student unsure of his own abilities into a confident young professional in mere months. I highly recommend him for recent grads who need help transitioning from school into the professional working world.
  • Josh | United Door and Hardware Group
  • Jodi is the perfect Jiminy Cricket. Intelligent, organized, optimistic, she brings out the best in her clients. With years of experience, an attention to detail matched by few, and a relentless work ethic, Jodi flawlessly leads her clients through every step of the job application process. From working on my resume to preparing for interviews, she is always three steps ahead. From here on out, I owe her everything.
  • Getting a job takes many steps and lots of patience. If you don’t have a way to segment the work, take it piece by piece, you might be so intimidated that you give up, or worse, work toward the next task without completing the last. It was good to know that this week I’m working on my resume, next week I’m applying, this week I’m interviewing, etc. Minor successes are a great way to work toward the final goal.
  • Adam | Writer at Grenzebach Glier and Associates
  • I can’t express how helpful his guidance and support was throughout the entire process. I would not be where I am today if I did not have his expertise through the application and interview process. I highly recommend Jim to anyone who is finishing school and ready to start a career. Not only did he help get my career started but he also taught me job seeking techniques that I will use for the rest of my life.

    Andy | AEGON AmericasWorking with Jim has been extremely helpful to me on both a personal and personal level. By providing a structured, step-by-step program built on organization and preparation, Jim provided me with the skills, tools and resources necessary to achieve my personal goals in my new position.

  • As a recent graduate with a seemingly clear vision of what I wanted in my first full-time job, Jim helped me by engaging in honest dialogue about broadening my search. He then helped facilitate networking opportunities in a variety of fields. I now have the confidence and ability to network on my own, and I plan to take these skills with me as I pursue future career opportunities down the road.          

  • Brandon | Marquee Sports 


  • Jodi was invaluable in helping me pivot my career into something I was much more interested in, despite it not lining up with what I had studied in school. Specifically, she was great at helping to modify my resume and interview responses in a way that would highlight how my engineering skills would be applicable to my new role. It was also very helpful to have someone to encourage me through a difficult career change, and to help prod me in the right direction when I wasn’t sure I knew what I wanted to do.                                                                                                                            Danny | CBOE

    We started from the ground up with improvements to my resume, cover letters, and professional image on LinkedIn and on various media platforms. Next, Jimmy had me work on various exercises in broadening my network and realizing how connected I was with the resources that I had. Next thing I knew I was having face-to-face meetings with people in the field that I wanted to be in, making new connections with an increased sense of confidence and pride in what I had to offer.              Joey | SnapchatDuring my final year as a student I had the unique pleasure of partnering with Jim on my search for post-graduate employment. Having Jim as a professional mentor was an experience that challenged me in many ways, but is directly reflected in my career successes. While Jim is willing to provide advice and guidance from the perspective of an employer, his true gift is being able to help young adults look within themselves for answers and direction. Jim does not simply connect students with contacts of his who are waiting for them with open arms, he assists individuals in their pursuit of a better self who can independently identify and pursue their professional goals.

    I am where I am today largely due to the time I spent with Jim. His mentorship allowed me to understand my own aspirations more clearly, do what needed to be done to attain them, and lay the foundation for a bright future. Have no doubt, he can do the same for you!

    Aldon | Baker Tilly Search and Staffing, LLC

  • Working with with Jodi  was the best and easiest decision I have ever made! My only child was embarking on her senior year of high school and my retail business was almost 12 years old. Knowing that I would be an empty-nester soon I decided it was time for a drastic change.

    Jodi helped me identify jobs I would enjoy based on my strengths and then articulate my experiences on paper. We went all the way back to my life before my daughter and documented my volunteer and other work. Since graduating college I had not updated my resume and needed a LinkedIn profile and cover letter. Thinking it would take months to find a job, I was not pressured and started applying to jobs online.  Jodi role played with me to prepare for the interviews and I got 2 job offers. I closed my retail business on August 30th and started the new job on Sept 4th.   Jodi has been a life saver and life changer. 

    Aimee | Self Employed

  • Jim has helped me immensely in the months since I began working with him. From help with my resume, to networking assistance, to even helping with my self-esteem, Jim always was my number one supporter. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and he gave me the tools I needed to find the perfect job for me. When I would get off track, he was there to motivate and guide me back on the right path. For anyone struggling with anything career related, whether you’re in transition or just starting out, I cannot recommend someone more than Jim!
  • Michael B. 
  • Jodi Coplan is the best resume writer I have ever work with!  Jodi leverages her over 25 years of HR experience to help develop a personalized, impactful resume that tells a STORY of your results and accomplishments.  She spends time getting to know you as a person, actively listens to fully understand your journey, and works collaboratively with you to create a resume you will be PROUD to share!  Whether you are a seasoned executive or a recent college grad, I highly recommend the services of Jodi Coplan!
  • Dave R.

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