Common Skills you need to land your next job and how to answer them

During an interview, you will be asked which skills will you bring to an organization. The key in nailing the interview is to provide a detailed example of each of your skills. This type of questioning is called Behavioral based interviewing. It’s a technique used in which the job candidate has the opportunity to demonstrate their potential for succeeding in the new job by providing specific examples of how they handled similar situations based on their past experience. You must have a story/detailed example for each one of your skills.

Prior to your interview you should look at the job description and key skills required to get a sneak peek of the types of questions they might focus on.

Listed below are some of the most common skills organizations are looking for in a candidate:

1) Communication

2) Team work

3) Time management

4) Able to respond to pressure

5) Technical understanding

For each skill, can you provide a detailed example from your past(school, internship, past job) which demonstrates you can bring this important skill to the organization?

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