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Career Track Coaching has been so helpful to my daughter. They helped her understand just how many valuable skills and relevant experience she actually has and now her resume looks so impressive! Jodi has been a great coach, always available to answer my daughter’s questions.

Jackie M, Parent

Jim has played a significant role in launching my son’s career through his mentoring program. Enlisting Jim’s expertise was the best move I could have ever made. My son had recently graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Economics, but despite having an outstanding degree, along with a strong work ethic, frankly had no idea how to network or effectively search for a job.

Jim suggested a meeting with my son to “diagnose” how he could best help him.  Jim’s easygoing personality, passionate approach, and a structured process was exactly what my son needed.  He became extremely fond of Jim, and completely put his trust in the approach.  As a Dad, it can be difficult to “allow“ someone else to counsel his own son, but in this case, I felt totally comfortable with Jim.  He is an exceptional communicator and had my son’s best interest at heart.  Jim did a phenomenal job of guiding my son, diligently following up with him, meeting with him regularly, building both his network and interviewing skills and providing a solid platform for my son to succeed in his job search.

Lee S | Parent

Working with Jodi made all the difference for our 23-year-old daughter’s job search. From greatly improving her resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to connecting her with hiring managers and coaching her on interviewing, Jodi is the go-to professional for every young job seeker.

Jill K | Parent

Jodi has worked with our 2 college kids and she has been amazing!! She has helped them with trying to figure out a career path and creating/building their resumes. Jodi is very knowledgeable, dedicated, caring and always puts 100% into everything she does!! Jodi is the best!!

Wendy G | Parent