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Young Professionals

Jodi made the job search process completely stress free and helps you every step of the way! Jodi’s extensive experience working in recruiting and personable nature makes her the perfect resource for someone hunting for a new job. As a recent college graduate, Jodi was able to help me prepare all my application materials (resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, etc.) in ways to best differentiate me from other applicants.

Drew | Publicis Sapient

I can’t express how helpful his guidance and support was throughout the entire process. I would not be where I am today if I did not have his expertise through the application and interview process. I highly recommend Jim to anyone who is finishing school and ready to start a career. Not only did he help get my career started but he also taught me job seeking techniques that I will use for the rest of my life.

Andy | AEGON Americas

We started from the ground up with improvements to my resume, cover letters, and professional image on LinkedIn and on various media platforms. Next, Jimmy had me work on various exercises in broadening my network and realizing how connected I was with the resources that I had. Next thing I knew I was having face-to-face meetings with people in the field that I wanted to be in, making new connections with an increased sense of confidence and pride in what I had to offer.

Joey | Snapchat

During my final year as a student I had the unique pleasure of partnering with Jim on my search for post-graduate employment. Having Jim as a professional mentor was an experience that challenged me in many ways, but is directly reflected in my career successes. While Jim is willing to provide advice and guidance from the perspective of an employer, his true gift is being able to help young adults look within themselves for answers and direction. Jim does not simply connect students with contacts of his who are waiting for them with open arms, he assists individuals in their pursuit of a better self who can independently identify and pursue their professional goals.

I am where I am today largely due to the time I spent with Jim. His mentorship allowed me to understand my own aspirations more clearly, do what needed to be done to attain them, and lay the foundation for a bright future. Have no doubt, he can do the same for you!

Aldon | Baker Tilly Search and Staffing, LLC