Adapting to the 2021 Job Search

If you’re one of the many people who is currently looking for a new job or planning to start a job search soon, here are some things you should be aware of:

Historical Hiring trends will change

While hiring surges at the start of a new year and is quiet in the summer and around the holidays, this may not  be the case for 2021.

How can you adapt?

  • Keep an eye on the trends-follow companies that interest you on LinkedIn. Articles and current events will show up in your feed.
  • Adjust your job search accordingly-you might need to consider looking at jobs or companies you might not have otherwise considered in the past.
  • Stay in touch with your network-you don’t want to reach out just when you need something. Keep your contacts warm, i.e. congratulate them on an accomplishment or new job, or send an article you think might interest them.

Be aware of key industries that are booming

  • Tech
  • Healthcare and health tech
  • Fintech
  • E-commerce
  • Customer service
  • Renewable energy

How can you adapt?

During an uncertain economy, companies will look toward temporary, freelance or contractors. Be open to this because it could lead to a permanent position.

  • Determine if you have to if you have to pivot your job type or industry.
  • Identify your transferrable skills and how you can use them in a different role.
  • Expand your network-continue to talk to people in the industry and join different networking groups.
  • Do your research-understand as much as you can about the industry you are pursuing.
  • Keep up your spirits-show your enthusiasm-be humble, hungry and smart.

Gig Work

How can you adapt?

  • Temporary can have its positives. It can help you build new skills and get exposure to a new industry.
  • Be flexible and take it as an opportunity to learn something new.

Virtual work is here to stay

No one knows when we will return to the office. Most companies will remain at least partially virtual, if not 100% remote work, or some type of blend.

How can you adapt?

  • Become comfortable with video interviewing. Practice and learn how to project yourself and your personality in an energetic way.
  • Grow your virtual collaboration skills-learn new technologies to collaborate with others.

The environment will be more competitive

With so many jobs eliminated, the small talent pool has become much larger. There are more applicants now than before applying to the same jobs.

How can you adapt?

  • Have a stellar resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. You need to stand out more than ever. Make suer you represent yourself in the best light.
  • Take a strategic approach to your search. Determine they roles you are applying to and the companies, and don’t just randomly apply to everything you see. You need a well thought out plan.
  • Be creative, take a LinkedIn class and earn a badge, create a portfolio to showcase your work, take a leadership role in a professional organization.
  • Be patient and take care of yourself-it is a stressful time and adding a job search on top of it is even more to handle.

Keep an open mind and be flexible. 2021 will probably continue to be a rollercoaster, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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