Andrew pivots from working at a bank to a real estate investment company

Who:  Andrew graduated from Indiana University in 2017 and landed a job as a Financial Operations Manager at a local Chicago bank.

Challenge: Due to the pandemic, the bank downsized to reduce costs and Andrew ultimately lost his job.

Next Steps: Andrew wanted to utilize his newly acquired skillset from the past 3 years and focus on being a staff accountant. He was open to investigating multiple industries.

We coached Andrew in the following:

  • Updated and made revisions to Andrew’s resume to better include his past 3 years’ of work experience including his skills and strengths gained. This also helped Andrew come to his own conclusion on the types of roles he would be interested in pursing for his next job.
  • Expanded Andrew’s networking database which included new business connections, family, friends and IU Alumni in Chicago.
  • Developed a networking strategy which included the following:

·         Companies to target, how to research and contact them

·         How to network into his companies of interest

·         Setting up a cadence plan:

# of hours to work on this career each day

# of people to reach out to each day

# of jobs to apply to each day

  • Sharpen his interviewing skills by practicing interview questions and responses to help Andrew differentiate himself from other candidates

Outcome: Andrew landed a staff accountant role in a real estate investment company in the Chicagoland area. He was excited because he received his offer within 30 days from the start of his search.

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