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Video Transcription

Jim 0:10

Hi, welcome to career track coaching minute, my name is Jim fresh, where we help young adults find meaningful careers through a coaching process. And once a month, we bring, you know, we get insights from highly successful business individuals as well as young adults that have just graduated from college. And we asked them a couple of questions. And today, we’re lucky to have my friend Bryce, who was actually a career track coaching client at one point. And welcome, Bryce.

Bryce 0:46

Thank you. Thank you.

Jim 0:47

Yeah, it’s been a while, actually, we’re just talking. It’s been six months since we last spoke. And anyway, so Bryce is a sales representative or Avenue logistics. And essentially, they are is a logistics broker. And what they do is they look for companies that have got access freight, and they match them up with freight companies that are empty, you know, that they find that of semi-trucks that are empty, and they match them up together too, you know, be efficient and get the loads across the country. And essentially, what Bryce is doing right now is because he’s been with the company organization for six months, and he’s been mentored with the ultimate goal of being on his own sometime soon. So that’s a little bit about Bryce and Bryce. So how’s it going so far in the first six months? Yeah, it’s going really well. Like you said, I’m still in a mentorship program. So I’ve been learning a lot. learning a lot about how the day-to-day works at the job and learning a lot about the transportation industry in general.

Bryce 1:57

Yeah, I’ve met a lot of great people. Great location, River North. Yeah, it’s been awesome. Yeah.

Jim 2:03

And it sounds like, as you mentioned, they have a really good culture. So it sounds like a really good fit for your job here. So congrats on that. And as I mentioned, there are just a few questions we’re going to ask. The first one would be, you know, what advice would you give somebody who’s just graduating, going into the workforce, if there’s maybe one piece of advice?

Bryce 2:27
I would honestly say that most people are more ready than they think they are. I know, it’s like, depending on what you want to do, if you don’t know what you want to do, super daunting to have like your whole life made on one decision. But in reality, there are a lot of places hiring, and there are a lot of places that need workers. And yeah, it’s just there’s a lot of opportunity out there. And you’ll never know if you don’t try. So it’s much easier than you think.

Jim 2:55
Okay, and is there? I mean, can you think of one thing that when you said, it’s not as scary as you think, can you think of like an activity or something that you’ve done in the past when you were going through the process? You know, that you, you just gave it a try, and it worked out and you gained your confidence? Or can you think of something?

Bryce 3:18
Yeah, absolutely. Even something as easy as just pressing apply, like submitting a resume through online? Like, I was definitely nervous to do that for the first time. And then once you do it, you can really just apply, apply, apply, and it gets easier as you go or creating a resume getting drafted by people like that kind of stuff. Like, can you if you ask people will help you? And yeah, yep.

Jim 3:44
Good. Yeah. As we talked about, too, and you did a great job of, you know, networking, and so forth. So, so thanks for that. And then the other question we had is, you know, we’ve always talked about habits are so important. Can you think of maybe one habit that’s helped you with your success so far?

Bryce 4:04
Yeah, I definitely think getting to bed pretty early. Really helps. I used to go to bed like 11:30 – 12 yada, yada. Yeah, the more you cut out stuff, like phones, and I don’t know, it, just, it makes you way more ready for the day. And you can be accountable and you can take care of everything you need to take care of much easier without, you know, being too tired. So I think getting to bed early, is really helpful.

Jim 4:31
Yeah. You know what, one of the things you talked about, too, is kind of holding yourself accountable and so forth in different aspects of your life. And it how do you go, you know, going to sleep early is I think huge, because if you have a long day like you had mentioned to you have a really long commute and so forth, is you know, is there anything that you do to you know, hold yourself accountable.

Bryce 4:59
I mean, I don’t probably much more up to date with texts, phone calls, emails, anybody even mail, just like stuff that you can easily just throw away and wait for people to reach back out to you. Definitely just holding myself accountable. And yeah, just trying to be around for everyone that needs me at all times. And definitely appreciate it and you get more back from them too. Yeah.

Jim 5:25
Is that when you’re on the job, too with? You know, with your current job is, you know, holding yourself accountable. Is there any I’m just curious, is there any processes that they have to ensure that again, you’re doing all the right activities?

Bryce 5:42
Yeah, there are definitely people monitoring the computers and what kind of emails we send out how many emails we open phone calls, and stuff like that. So yeah, you definitely have to be accountable at all times. Yeah.

Jim 5:55
Yeah. Okay. Awesome. Well, I appreciate it. Thanks for coming in. Have a great Thanksgiving. And until next time, everyone. It’s Jim Frisch with career track coaching.

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