Career Track Coaching Minute – Dylan Levine

Video Transcription

Jim 0:09
Hi, welcome to Career Track Coaching Minute. My name is Jim Frisch, and we help young adults find meaningful careers through a coaching process. Once a month, we bring young, successful professionals together, and we ask them a couple of questions to seek their advice. And so today, we’re lucky to have Dylan Levine. And what I’m excited about was Dylan was actually a client in the past. And she now lives out east. And it’s an Assistant Account Executive at Optimum Sports, where she works on a new business development and marketing team. And so, Dylan, welcome.

Dylan 0:51
Thanks for having me, Jim.

Jim 0:53
I know, it’s been a while I don’t think I’ve seen it for months. So I forget how long have you been there now?

Dylan 0:58
I started in June. So I’ve been there for around nine months.

Jim 1:01
That’s awesome. And you know, just for, you know, so everyone kind of knows. But can you tell me a little bit about the organization’s high level and maybe some of your daily tasks and roles? If you don’t mind to share? Yeah.

Dylan 1:16
Yeah. So optimum sports is a full-service marketing agency. Our I don’t know, kind of overall goal is we take a fully integrated approach to sports marketing, injecting specialists into clients, and media practices, and connecting our brand sponsorships to the wider media and marketing platforms.

Jim 1:39
Okay. And then, like us, specifically, being on the account team, if you don’t mind sharing, like, what are some of the fun things that you do?

Dylan 1:49
Um, I work on new business and marketing. So it ranges from social media to prospecting new clients, every day is different, but there’s a ton of opportunities there.

Jim 2:01
Awesome. Yep. And so So as I mentioned before, if it’s possible, I’m gonna ask you a couple of quick questions. And the first one I had was, you know, what advice would you give a graduate that’s, you know, coming into the workplace today?

Dylan 2:18
Yes, it’s something that, um, one piece of advice I would give, I would say, that helped me to be curious and eager to learn. I would say that no one at any company is really expecting you to come into a position and know how to do anything, right off the bat, they will give you lessons and implement training, and kind of teach you everything that you need to know when no matter what role it’s in. Instead, I would say what they’re looking for when they’re hiring is someone who is passionate about the work they do someone who’s willing to take on new tasks that they’ve never done before, is willing to make mistakes, and then learn from them. And I really think if you can possess any of those qualities, you can be successful in any.

Jim 3:15
Okay, now that’s great advice. And, you know, you said you’ve been there nine months. And it’s interesting. Being there nine months, do you feel pretty comfortable now? Or are you still learning something every day?

Dylan 3:28
I feel like there’s always something new to learn, but I really am more comfortable than when I started nine months ago.

Jim 3:35
Yeah. Cuz I always hear, you know, when I’m working with clients that are getting their first job, you know, how long is it going to take me to feel comfortable, because everything is all new. So that’s awesome. So thanks for that. And then, you know, if you don’t mind sharing maybe one or two habits that have helped you’ve been successful so far, in the nine months, you’ve been there.

Dylan 3:56
Um, I would say, checking in with my boss. I check in with him every morning. And I asked him if there’s anything that I can do for him, learn from him, any of his meetings, and there’s things that are on his calendar that he necessarily wouldn’t have put me on that because I had reached out and asked, I got the opportunity to sit in on meetings and client meetings and new business pitches and really cool things that have helped me learn a lot.

Jim 4:30
Yeah. Then you know, when you say that, I’m just curious is it do you actually talk to him via, like a team’s or do you actually is it more of email or chat?

Dylan 4:40
I go in person three days a week, so I go up to his desk when I’m in person, but yeah, online. It’s just a chat or we hop on a call.

Jim 4:53
Right. That’s awesome. Anything else that you think that that’s helped you have it was?

Dylan 5:00
Um, something that, I would say have it was, I mean, I guess this is for people who are looking to go into the workforce. But yeah, was really the process of networking. Along with like, consistent effort in your job search. Yeah, I would say that when I first began my job search, I had no idea what I was doing. I spent 10 hours a day Max, at the end of the day carelessly uploading my resume to LinkedIn to apply for positions. And I would just wait to hear back. And what I have learned, and I have Jim to thank for that is that in most cases, that really isn’t enough work that you should be doing. So, throughout working with Jim, I learned how to network and once I began to do that, I quickly saw how the connections I made led to so many more opportunities. And I would say that it’s a long process. And it is easy to get discouraged at times, especially when you face rejection over and over again. But I really can’t stress enough how important it is to keep putting in that effort. Because there will be one time when you get the outcome you are looking for.

Jim 6:22
And you know, what, especially now with, you know, the economy and so forth. I feel like networking is more important than ever, and you did a tremendous job of networking. And it did it paid off all those different connections and staying consistent with it. Because it is it’s a grind. But if you’re doing it consistently applying and networking at the same time, you’re gonna get some good success. So, great job. I appreciate your time. So it was great seeing you.

Dylan 6:52
It’s great to see you too.

Jim 6:53
Yep. And so to everyone else. I’m gonna be posting this on our Facebook page. And till next time, I really appreciate it.

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