Career Track Coaching Minute – Justin Judis



Jim 0:13
Hi, welcome to Career Track Coaching Minute. My name’s Jim Fresh, where we help young adults find meaningful careers through a coaching process. And once a month we bring in young professionals and experienced ones and we ask them a couple of questions to provide some advice. And my guest today is Justin Judis, and Justin, I’m really happy to have him on because he was a past client of career track coaching. And so Justin is a business consultant at EY, which is Ernst & Young. He works with clients to solve their problems and help them manage large internal initiatives for them, where otherwise he won’t have the time or the expertise to get ’em done. His role’s been, he’s worked on a number of different projects and he recently worked for the financial crimes and banking practices. So Justin, great to have you on.

Justin 1:13
Thanks, Jim. Always good to see you. Appreciate you having me on here.

Jim 1:14
And, as you could tell by the background, he’s an Ohio State fan.  And, and, uh, Justin, just outta curiosity, how long have you been with, uh, ey?

Justin 1:19
Oh yeah!

Jim 1:20
And, Justin, just out of curiosity, how long have you been with EY?

Justin 1:25
So, I think I’ve been with EY for about eight months, started in January, so yeah, it’s going good so far.

Jim 1:30
Awesome. Awesome. And so, you know, what we do now is, you know, we’d love to ask you a couple of quick questions. So the first one is, what advice would you give a graduate coming into the workplace today?

Justin 1:42
So I would just say, you know, this is something I personally had trouble with. I’m coming out I would just say manage your expectations. Like, don’t expect to be running the company day one. Don’t expect to be making X amount of money, you know, right out of college. You know, it’s, it’s pretty easy to compare yourself to your peers and then feel bad about your situation if you perceive yourself as less than, you know, this day and age. I struggle with that. I, I got a lot of friends who have seemingly better jobs than me, I, that make more money than me. And it kind of soured my first job that I had outta college, which looking back was truly a great opportunity that I didn’t really quite get the full value that I should have. So I would just say, you know, but just put your head down, do your work. Don’t compare yourself to others. You know, it’s, you’re just beginning your career. We get a long way to go. I mean, it’s, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So that’s, that’s what I would say.

Jim 2:38 
Yep. And learning from it each situation. So, that’s great, great advice. And then how about from a habit perspective? You know, is there a habit or two that’s helped you with your success so far?

Justin 2:52 
So I would say the biggest, you know, a habit that I’ve adopted that’s helped me be successful is just adopting a growth mindset. And, you know, by that I’d try to really reframe failure as something that it’s inevitable. It’s gonna happen every single day in your life. You know, I encounter it on a daily basis and, it’s, you gotta reframe it as a good thing. It’s how you, you know, you gotta fail in order to grow. So, you know, when I do make a mistake now I just, I simply own it, and then I just fix it. And then just by being accountable for my mistakes, it’s just helped me perform a lot better. You know, if I get a little better each day, if I’m learning from my little mistakes each day, then over a year that compounds, and I, you know, I’m a lot better than I was a year ago. And then on top of that, when you’re accountable for your mistakes, it just makes you a trustworthy person to work with and, you know, it helps you just build a better network with your peers and your managers and staff. And it’s helped me personally with, performance reviews and networking, and getting on different projects.

Jim 3:56
That’s awesome advice. That’s a great one. How about, is there another one that comes to mind as well, or

Justin 4:01
I would also say, you know, make sure you have a work-life balance. I had a really tough project over the last six months and,  was working long hours during the week, didn’t really have a lot of time to do much after work, so I just made sure each day that I would do something that I liked. So I really got into working out and it truly helped me keep my sanity

Jim 4:22

Justin 4:23
Over this long project. And, yeah. So just doing something consistently that you like to do and then also just planning things in advance that you can look forward to. Like I would not, I would, I would make sure, you use all your vacation time. I would not stock that up cuz that’s, that’s there for a reason. Yeah. And, it’s gonna help you, you know, get through a long engagement or something like that. So yeah.

Jim 4:46
Awesome advice for mental health, that’s for sure. And so great, I really appreciate your time and until next time Justin, thanks a bunch and we’ll talk to everyone soon.




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