Career Track Coaching Minute – Lauren Friedman

Video Transcription

Jim 0:09
Hi, welcome to Career Track Coaching Minute. My name is Jim Frisch where we help young adults find meaningful careers through a coaching process. And once a month, we bring our past clients together and ask them a few questions to seek their advice when they’re entering the job market. And so, today, we’ve got Lauren Friedman. Lauren, welcome.

Lauren 0:35
Hi, how’s it going?

Jim 0:37
Yeah it’s going great. And Lauren is been with her job. I think she just told me, you know, four to five weeks. And she’s an associate Bostrom, which is an association management organization, where she works on administrative needs for to nonprofits within the healthcare industry. And so just tell everybody in layman’s terms, what is Bostrom do?

Lauren 1:03
Sure So, Bostrom is an association Management Corporation. So basically an association, which is a nonprofit group, they have the option to either control their own Association and hire 500 people around their entire business, or they can hire a company like Bostrom are people that kind of handle that as a client and do all their internal management.

Jim 1:28
Okay, awesome. That’s very helpful. And so, you know, as I mentioned, I wanted to ask you a couple of different questions. I guess the first one would be, you know, what piece of advice would you give to someone who’s looking for a job right out of college?

Lauren 1:44
Sure. So I was really stressed out, leading up to graduation, as I didn’t land my first job until two weeks after graduating, I think it’s really important for fresh grads to know or upcoming grads to know that they don’t have to have everything figured out by graduation. I think we’re kind of led to believe as a generation that we need to have everything figured out by graduation. But in reality, I barely knew anyone that had a job lined it up, or landed until after graduation. So I was just I would say, take it slow. Make sure that you’re getting into a job that you’re actually really excited about rather than just signing a contract immediately. Also, speaking with your friends, and comparing salary expectations, to what you’re actually looking for is super important, for full transparency about what to look forward to.

Jim 2:34
Okay. Now, that’s great. And, you know, when you talk about being stressed out for that first job, I, you know, I also believe that it could be your second job, meaning it’s a journey, you’re going to learn from every job. And so far, so, good piece of advice. And then, you know, what are maybe one or two habits that have helped you so far in the two jobs that you have?

Lauren 2:59
Sure. So when I was unemployed for a few months, I found it very helpful to have a routine with my job hunt, actually, getting ready and heading to like a local coffee shop or a library just to work on some applications and preparations for networking calls. It has been a schedule during this really unpredictable period in my life. You know, everyone’s schedule will look different. But finding a way to put your job into your schedule, at least five days a week will really really help you stay organized. Also, I kept a spreadsheet of each job that I applied to which was so helpful for me. I color-coded people that I would look at companies people that are moving forward with companies that rejected me companies I actually just viewed my profile and ghosted me and then ones that just completely ghosted me, this made rejections really easy for me to get through because I could see all my available options that were still going through the process, if that makes sense.

Jim 3:58
Yes, now, it totally does it. And you know, what, you definitely persevered. You had, you know, you went at it, every you know, it seems like every day and so forth. I guess what, what was the one thing that you felt really helped you get, get where you were, you know, in terms of the job opportunities, because you had a few towards the end?

Lauren 4:21
So I think yeah, I at the end of that I had a couple offers in place and make I made a decision about where I thought it would be in the long run. Rather than just like the short term, this will be fun for a little bit. I was kind of into something that I think I can do for multiple years down the road. Yeah, that was kind of

Jim 4:42
Okay. Awesome. So thank you for your advice on those two questions. It’s great seeing you again good luck with your new job. And again, thank you for watching Career Track Coaching Minute till next time.


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