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Jamie Lands A Job Opportunity For A Sports Marketing Agency in New York

Who: Jamie

Challenge: Jamie graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. She was struggling to figure out how to get started with her career search since graduation in May 2021. She had a part-time job with a small boutique marketing agency to help her sharpen her skills. From the beginning, Jamie wanted to focus on the marketing department of a Sports Marketing organization. She ultimately wanted to move to NY where she wanted to start her career. She was applying to multiple opportunities with very little success.

Next Steps: Jim worked with Jamie to help her develop a strategic plan that focused on networking her way into opportunities.

We coached Jamie on the following:

  • Articulate Jamie’s strengths and the stories she could use to craft her 30-second commercial/elevator pitch.
  • She set up informational interviews to determine if working in a sports marketing agency was the right career to pursue.
  • We focused on a networking plan to augment her applying online via LinkedIn and other job career sites.
  • We role-played how to properly network and the questions you should ask during a networking conversation.
  • Developed a networking database to keep track of her contacts and the jobs applied all in one place.
  • Helped Jamie prepare an Interview template she could utilize in all interviews moving forward.
  • Showed Jamie how to reach out to a recruiter and alumni on LinkedIn to gain another way into an organization.
  • Debriefed after each interview to determine what went well and tough questions she wanted to review to improve for future interviews.

Outcome: Jamie recently received a job offer for a sports marketing agency in NY. She landed this opportunity by reaching out to her new network daily and taking advantage of her relationship contacts and leads.

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