Job Search Strategies that Work

You are going to get lots of advice about a job search. There isn’t necessarily a wrong answer, but what is going to yield you the best results? Here are some tips that work.

  • Be selective – don’t just apply to every job you see. Reach the description, and get to know the company. Is it a place you could see yourself working? Network with people who work there and listen to what they share. The job search is time and effort, you want to find the right opportunity the first time.
  • Have an online profile – maintain a digital presence (an appropriate one). Be active on LinkedIn, post articles, and write comments related to the field and the types of roles you are applying for.
  • Learn new skills – LinkedIn Learning has many has a plethora of courses to grow your skills. Showing you proactively learned new skills outside of school speaks to your motivation and drive.
  • Network – this is one of the most effective things you can be doing in your job search. Let people know you are looking for new opportunities, and what type of opportunities. Referrals are still the most highly valued way to find talent.
  • Attend job fairs – research in advance, and know what employers are coming and which jobs they are recruiting for. Prepare, prepare, prepare is the key. It will hopefully earn you an interview.
  • Professional organizations – opens you up to a whole new network. You can learn about jobs that you might not otherwise have heard about.
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