LinkedIn Job Search Tips

Are you getting LinkedIn opportunities pushed to you? Are they a fit for what you are looking for?

If not, you can optimize your LinkedIn profile, so recruiters reach out to you. Do you know why they reach out to people who have not applied for a job? It’s because the applicants are not qualified, or some searches are confidential.  

Here are 7 tips to get you noticed.

1. Industry.

Choose your industry based on your job instead of your current company’s function.

2. Titles and companies.

The primary way recruiters search is to find talent at competitors.

3. Skills.

Fill in your skills in this section. Recruiters will look first at hard skills (technology) and then assess soft skills (empathy, collaborative, etc.) in an interview.

4. Keywords.

The jobs for which you are applying will be similar. Make sure to include industry specific buzz words and those mentioned in the job description.

5. Links. 

If you’ve written any articles, or have a portfolio, include it.

6. Recommendations. 

Recommendations are meaningful, endorsements not so much. Giving recommendations will strengthen connections and your network.

7. Profile picture. 

Very important! Keep it professional and up to date.

We do not recommend posting your resume on LinkedIn. For many reasons, it is not a good idea: it makes your job search public, it is now in the possession of someone else and it is not the best way to showcase your skills.  

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