Preparing for Pandemic Job Interview Questions

The following are some pandemic-specific interview questions that probably won’t go away in 2021. It’s important to be able to answer these questions strategically.

  1. What have you been doing during the pandemic? (if you are unemployed)- be prepared to discuss what new skills, activities, and volunteering you have done.
  2. What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic? There is a lot to learn about a candidate’s resilience, motivation, and attitude.
  3. So, how are you holding up during this quarantine? Be yourself…show Empathy toward the situation.
  4. How do you feel about an eventual return to work? Are you open to going into the office or looking for a 100% remote position?
  5. Can you do the job while working from home? Can you work a normal workday while being at home?
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