Question: I decided it’s time to pivot to a new job/career? How do I get started?


·         Make an action plan- it’s important to map out a strategy. A lot depends if you are searching while currently employed(we recommend). It’s imperative to time block your priorities to take action on your most important activities.

·         Find a personal mentor you can brainstorm potential careers with.

·         Take a personal inventory of your strengths and what interests you to get started.

·         Search for potential jobs that the job description match’s your strengths

·         Set up informational interviews with professionals in the field to see if it would be a good fit

·         Mobilize your network- this will be the key to making a successful switch. Your network can introduce you to key companies and individuals.

·         Consider volunteering to gain new skills in a new field you are interested in

·         Practice interviewing with a friend/mentor to help be prepared for why you are switching your job/career. Also how your skills will be easily transferable.

·         Be Positive and keep taking action weekly – this might take some time to make a successful switch.

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