Should I take a part-time job while I’m searching for a full-time position in my field?

Due to the pandemic, it’s taking longer to find a full-time job in your area of interest. We field questions all the time on whether it makes sense to grab a part-time job while you continue to search for your full-time gig.

Listed below are the benefits of working a part-time job as you continue to look for your dream job:

  1. You finally earn money to be able to pay your expenses
  2. You will be learning new skills which will help you during future interviews. Examples might include:
    1. Solving Problems
    2. Being Strategic/Creative
    3. Being Detailed/Organized
  3. Building relationships with your co-workers which could help you network during your full-time search
  4. Get out of the house(during the pandemic) and have a purpose each day- get your parents off your back 🙂
  5. It might even make you more efficient during your job search and develop new habits
  6. Learn what you like and don’t like about a company’s culture and your immediate boss’s management style
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