Success Story #4

Who:  Matthew graduated from the University of Michigan in 5 years with a Master’s of Science in Engineering. His career goal was to find a position in product development in the healthcare sector. Although his networking connections were in the Chicagoland area, he wanted to start his career in Seattle.

Challenge: Matthew had several interviews, but was not getting called back for second interviews. In addition, with his desire to move to Seattle, he had no contacts there to help with his search.

Next Steps: We coached Matthew on the following:

  • Assessed his strengths and helped him better articulate his story in the interview
  • Revamped his resume with quantifiable achievements, upgraded his LinkedIn profile and cover letter to concisely showcase his experience
  • Built networking database which included Michigan alumni in Seattle and role-played conversations with alumni seeking their advice with his career search
  • Practiced interview questions and responses to help Matthew differentiate himself from other candidates

Outcome: Matthew landed a mechanical design engineer position working at a mid-sized healthcare company in Seattle.

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