Success Story: Jordan’s Journey to Career Fulfillment

Meet Jordan: Jordan graduated from Northwestern University in May 2022, earning a Bachelor of Science in Recreation alongside a minor in Human Resource Management.

The Challenge: Jordan’s aspirations of entering the hospitality industry were unexpectedly thwarted by circumstances beyond his control, and despite performing admirably during his internship at a prestigious hotel chain, they were unable to offer him a position upon graduation.

Finding a New Direction: In light of this setback, Jordan made a decision to leverage his work experience and leadership skills acquired throughout his college years, with a focus on pursuing opportunities in human resources. His active involvement on campus equipped him with numerous transferable skills.

Our Coaching Approach:

    1. Tailoring Jordan’s Resume: We helped Jordan restructure his resume to highlight the human resources skills he had acquired and utilized during his campus engagements. By aligning his strengths and personal anecdotes with the requirements outlined in the job descriptions, we ensured that his resume conveyed a strong match. Additionally, we incorporated industry-specific terminology and relevant technologies to showcase Jordan’s ability to adapt quickly to new environments.
    2. Exploring Alternative Job Search Avenues: We educated Jordan about alternative job search websites and industry-specific organizations dedicated to HR roles. He discovered valuable associations offering free webinars, providing insights into the challenges faced by HR professionals today.
    3. Networking Strategies: Equipping Jordan with a comprehensive networking database, we enabled him to keep track of the jobs he had applied for and the contacts he had reached out to. His alumni connections, especially those residing in Chicago, played a significant role in expanding his professional network.

The Outcome: In a remarkable turn of events, Jordan secured the position of Recruitment Specialist at a Top-tier Management Advisory Firm located in the Chicago area. Thanks to his persistence, outgoing personality, and positive attitude, he achieved this milestone within a remarkable 30-day timeframe.

Testimonial from Jordan: “Working with Jodi throughout the job search process was an absolute stress reliever. She guided me every step of the way with her extensive recruiting experience and personable nature. As a recent college graduate, Jodi helped me prepare all my application materials, including my resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile, in a manner that set me apart from other candidates. I am truly grateful for her expertise and support.”

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