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Success Story: Sydney landed a job with an insurance firm as an Account Coordinator in the Data Analytics department

Who:  Sydney graduated from University of Georgia with a Finance & Business Information Systems degree in May 2021.

Challenge: Sydney was a 4 year student athlete and thus had limited time for an internship and lacked work experience during her college experience. As she graduated she was struggling to figure out what she wanted to do and how to go about finding it all out.

Next Steps: We coached Sydney on the following:

  • Assessed her strengths and helped her better articulate her story in the interview
  • By identifying her strengths it helped her narrow down potential careers to investigate
  • Set up informational interviews to help her network into potential roles and establish new contacts
  • Establish an agenda and questions to ask during her informational interviews
  • Develop a 30 second commercial/elevator speech to help her with networking opportunities
  • Built networking database which included University of Georgia alumni and role-played conversations with alumni seeking their advice with her career search
  • Practiced interview questions and responses to help Sydney differentiate herself from other candidates

Outcome: Sydney landed an Account Coordinator role in the Data Analytics department for a large insurance broker in Chicago.

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