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Success Story

Who:  Olivia graduated from the University of Wisconsin with an industrial engineering degree. We worked with Olivia after she graduated to find a role where she could utilize her critical thinking, analytical skills and internship work experience.

Challenge: Olivia had a strong GPA, great technical sills, but she didn’t know exactly what type of career she was looking for.

Next Steps: We coached Olivia on the following:

  • Rewrote Olivia’s resume to better articulate her internship work experience and the skills and technologies in which she was adept. Olivia interned at the same company for 2 summers, so differentiating the type of work she did each summers showed the broad scope of responsibilities.
  • Taught Olivia the LinkedIn alumni strategy and how to find jobs which would be a good fit based on her personality and values.
  • Showed Olivia alternative sites to look for opportunities. Olivia was a member of a women’s engineering association in college. We looked on their job board on the organization’s website and found multiple opportunities for which she applied.
  • Prepared Olivia for interviews. Olivia could not do justice to her internship experience, or the project work in her college courses. We ran through every possible question she could be asked, and formulated responses for each one.

Outcome: Within 3 months,Olivia landed a junior analyst position at a small consumer product goods manufacturer

Part 2: Olivia reached out again in March 2020…she was furloughed from her position.

Next steps: We worked on the following:

  • Updated Olivia’s resume with her new experience and reformatted the layout to differ from a new college grad with no full-time work experience.
  • Coached Olivia for her interviews, which was completely different than her previous search. Olivia stated she was much more comfortable interviewing. The skills she learned the first time around are now skills she can utilize for any future job search.

Outcome: Within 1 month, Olivia landed an analyst role at a global investment management firm, an even better fit than her previous job.

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