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What are the signs of a bad resume?

Most people suck at writing resumes. When you only have 6 seconds to grab the attention of a recruiter, you’ve got to get it right. This is because you can only get good at something by practice or learning from others.

If you look at any expert in any field, whether it’s an athlete or an author, it can be difficult to figure out what makes them so good. They just are. What these experts do better than most is that they limit their mistakes to a minimum.

Some of what I share are superficial which means they are very easy for you to fix. You’ve got to get rid of the excess before you can make an impression.

Consider this advice:

  1. Your professional summary at the top of your resume

No more than 5 lines. Include who you are and what you do.

2. Remove color

A resume is not the place for color. It could get you noticed for the wrong reasons.

3. Get your job title right

Many high school and college students started jobs or companies early on. These titles aren’t always impressive. A company with zero revenue or employees could be considered title inflation. It’s good to show an entrepreneurial spirit but be clear about this role.

4. List accomplishments, not responsibilities

You need to show your value. If you are a new grad, take your responsibilities and turn them into achievements, did you reduce time to accomplish something, did you create a better process which helped the business?

5. Don’t mention irrelevant skills or basic skills you are expected to have

Everyone needs to know how to use Microsoft Office, Word, etc. If you skilled at an intermediate or advanced level in Excel, state that. Check the job posting, and make sure your resume shows the skills the position requires.

6. Include unnecessary information about past employers

Don’t feel you have to mention the reasons for leaving a past employer in a resume. It could work against you. All of this should be discussed in an interview.

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