What should your 2021 resume look like?

If you recently graduated or lost your job during the pandemic, you’ll need to update your resume for 2021. The key stat right now when it comes to finding a new job? There are nearly twice as many job seekers as there are job openings.

Here are some small changes that can make a big difference:

  1. Include skills for a Post-Pandemic World

Here is where those soft skills come into play. Being a “team player” is a given. This is an expectation, not a differentiator. What recruiters do look for evidence of is emotional intelligence and ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Being able to show how you have been successful in a virtual environment using your soft skills such as empathy or flexibility. Also, don’t forget to highlight any communication tools you learned to use in this virtual environment such as Microsoft Teams, Miro, Trello, Google Docs, etc.

2. Highlight success supporting others

Technical skills are key, but you also need to have a track record of supporting others in a team environment. If you are an individual contributor, do not fret, you will always be working with others. Highlight ways you’ve onboarded a new employee, conducted a training program for your coworkers. Getting involved even with employee resource groups and organizing events is a great way to show you are supporting the company in building a great culture.

3. Show talent potential over work history

When we work with clients, we don’t start with work history (some exceptions are made for college students), we focus on a profile summary at the top of the resume. Your elevator pitch or branding statement should be adapted to your resume. Even if you lack experience, include information about your courses or trainings which will allow you to learn a role quickly. Even better, if you have a portfolio or site where you can highlight an independent project or show your skills which are vital to the position.

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