What’s the secret weapon to job search success?

It can be challenging to know what your interviewer is looking for. Here are some things to focus on:

1. You present yourself as a fixer.

Employers want to hire proactive problem solvers. If you can learn more about their challenges and present solutions, you can stand out from the crowd.

2. You connect the dots. 

If you can show how your past experiences connect to the position you are applying for, you are going to woo your interviewer. If you are able to see the comparison between your past work or college experiences, this shows your critical thinking skills. Relatable experience in the past will help you get up to speed faster in this role.

3. You act like you’re interviewing for your dream job.

A candidate who is generally excited about a role and shows true passion is someone we all want to hire. Genuine excitement is hard to fake. Even if you are light in a few of the qualifications, enthusiasm and positivity go a long way.

4. You are intellectually curious. 

Interviewers are always looking for someone who is innately curious and has a desire to solve problems. I can see this by the way the candidate talks about the work they do and how they like to solve problems. They are continuous learners and it excited them to gain new skills.

5. You show up to the interview ready to do the job.

This doesn’t mean you just have all the skills to do the role. This means you spent time researching the company, industry trends, competitors and more. You can speak to what you learned about the company and how you might change or improve something you learned about.

6.You are able to answer interview questions before they’re asked. 

Employers like to hire individuals with confidence and foresight. Having the interviewer lead the interview gets boring. Come well-prepared to answer questions and think of things without having to be asked.

7. You send a great thank you note. 

The thank you note can seal the deal. Reference something you spoke about, share some insights into the industry, some links to articles you believe would interest the interviewer. Write something creative about the brand. You can stand by writing something typical.

8. You are honest. 

Honesty is a top priority, if a candidate is not honest, this is a signal they will not be trustworthy. This will show character which makes them dependable, and capable enough to learn new skills.

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